Adrift on the Winds of Central Pain by Elizabeth Mitchell

A commentary on the loss of grounding in pain states.

Adrift on the Winds of Pain

by Elizabeth Mitchell

Aerodynamics fail in pain
a dragging dirigible floating
abrading precious parts and plain
brutal, sad and ghostly

Never actually touching ground
nor yielding to control
stay and guywires have unwound
the anchor cannot hold

Playing out its allotted part
whatever that may be
laying seige upon the heart
Disintegrating me

Bizarre illogical furnishings
storybook blighted creatures
Twisted injured frightened things
with unimaginable features

Unbelievable all around
reality surpassing fiction
in sick imagination found
extreme as the situation.

Heaven preserve my identity
on some forgotten shelf
And one day give it back to me
my long lost self.