Overcompensations part II: Reverse Speciation

How do you scream bloody murder without “murmuring”.? (someone reminded us murmuring is wrong, as per I Cor 10:10). You ask the hardest questions. We are not up to providing the answers. Here are our opinion pieces, no more valid than your own. These are some thoughts on what to do if the emotional Mr. Hyde seems to have replaced your natural self and you think maybe you are the anti-Darwin. Living split apart is not far from what some describe in central pain.

The last article was very long and thought to be perhaps too comprehensive for proper digestion. We also feared too much spiritual speculation, but ironically, those responding have sought more along that very line. This site is for you, so we attempt a little more reflection, acknowledging the speculative nature of it and claiming no special spiritual insight, other than personal ideas.

From the comments we have received, it ultimately seemed best to devote one more chapter to the emotionectomy which is prolonged severe central pain. We apologize for not being able to answer emails individually due to the volume. Most of the recent interest was centered around the type of detachment expressed in the piece from