Asking for Help from the Director of the NIH, the House and Senate

The National Institutes of Health decides how research money is allocated. Here is the way to contact the director, to request funds for basic research on central pain. The vast majority of morphine addicts begin by using it for legitimate pain and then become hooked. This would not happen if we had better medicines. The cost in rehab savings, endless paperwork by nurses and bureaucrats of morphine adminstration would almost disappear. Savings in crime and law endorcement alone would justify the costs of research. And for conditions like central pain, where opiates do not work, we should put an end to America’s Auschwitz.

Dispensing of research funds is decided by the National Institutes of Health. The director is Elias Zerhouni. Like Harold Varmas before him, Dr. Zerhouni is sympathetic to pain, and your letters allow him to approach the congressional committees to ask for research funds.

Please contact:

Dr. Elias Zerhouni, Director National Institutes of Health
phone: 301-496-2433
address: 1 Center Drive, Bethesda, MD, 20892-0148

To write to your representative in the House,

go to

For the senate, go to: