NF Kappa B

NF Kappa B is a transcription factor which directly leads to gene coding for interleukin-6, an acidifying cytokine, and nitric acid synthase (which makes inducible nitric oxide). If you have burning dysesthesia, you have a lot more NF Kappa B around than you could ever want.

Genes can be switched on and off. The chemicals which accomplish this are known as transcription factors, which are themselves under control. Certain genes, known as raf genes produce Raf-1 kinase. It is of interest because the raf domain which produces Raf-1 protein kinase can malfunction such that the fragment rejoins a complete raf protein. Such events are thought to be the result of cleaving by by reactive oxygen species (free radicals). When this happens, oncogenetic (potentially cancerous) changes begin. (see Heidecker et al Mol Cell Biol. 1990 June; 10(6): 2503