Homage to the Pain Researchers

You won’t see a list of them in Forbe’s. No top five hundred pain researchers in the world. However, in rating systems of another kind, they rank at the top.

It has been said that never has there been a generation so bent on becoming wealthy as this one. A strictly business ethic shows contempt for our fellow men. J. Paul Getty, who did not know how much money he actually had, said that the obligation of the wealthy is to run businesses well so that jobs may be provided and families sustained. The accumulation of land so as to raise the cost to the average person was wrong. Getty disapproved of fellow billionaires who chose to increase the cost of living to the public through vast land holding rather than to provide jobs. Getty claimed to be only as rich as the number of jobs he could provide to his fellow beings, who perhaps lacked the skills to run a successful business. Speculation in land by the wealthy hurts the little guy, just as ownership and control of hospitals by small coteries of businessmen drastically alters the life of physicians and drives the bright minds into other fields.

While those who provide jobs do a great service to the citizenry, the behavior of CEO