Fasudil making an appearance

Although this article is for the technically minded, you just as well read it, because all these terms will be common in the near future in the pain literature. Central Pain is NOT a simple disease, so the literature regarding it is not simple either. If CP could be couched in simple terms, like normal pain, the public would already know about central pain. It is tough having a highly technical disease which is also very painful. Even the rat brain is not simple, so pain from the human brain takes some attentive study to grasp.

As much as we delight in simplicity, there is no way to make this article simple. The reason is that we must discuss GTPase. GTP is defined at answers.com as ” A nucleotide composed of guanine, ribose, and three linked phosphate groups. It is incorporated into the growing RNA chain during synthesis.” The suffix “ase” means an enzyme which operates on GTP, or takes it apart, taking away high energy phosphate groups to drive various processes. Thus, GTP is an energy supplier for RNA synthesis. RNA builds the peptides which are part of the pain cascade.

Just look at GTPase as one of the enzymes in energy production