"Manifest Destiny" and Pain

This author is part Cherokee, so that conflict of interest is disclosed at the outset.

You all remember “Manifest Destiny”. It came from the idea of “Divine Right” which was the doctrine concocted by Church and State, (who were essentially the same for over a thousand years), to say it was heresy (punishable by death or other significant torture) to claim that anyone should be King other than who already was King. They wouldn’t be King if God had not willed it. The bloodthirsty armies had nothing to do with it.

The warlike Viking Danes (descendants of grandfather Rolf Ragnevaldsen, known as “The Viking”) who invaded the west coast of France (Normandy) within two generations invaded England. William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, took over England by Divine Right (as it was later decided) despite the fact that the ancestry of the line were worshippers of Odin, Thor and Valkyrie Freya as far back as anyone knew.

By the simple doctrine of the rule of kings by “Divine Right”, it became convenient to behead, disembowel, or otherwise dispatch of anyone who held any ideas to the contrary. When Braveheart William Wallace, who had the blood right to Kingship was murdered by the German branch of the family, THAT was God’s will as well, as the Church quickly pointed out.

Legal disputes were settled in a much more merciful fashion than the courts of today, under “trial by ordeal”. Instead of just ceding the outcome to whoever could afford the best lawyer, contestants fought it out to the death with the reasoning that the winner was obviously the one God had chosen to win. The broadsword and well made armor of the rich man had some bearing on the outcome over the guy with the pitchfork, but then, wasn’t it God’s will that the rich man have the armor in the first place? Duels also followed this line of reasoning–not exactly a high point in the history of enlightened religion.

Since it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a camel than to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, God apparently did not want any of these chosen people around him in the hereafter. We say this because, oddly, God also willed that anyone related to the royal line was entitled to wealth, often a great deal of it, particularly all the land. If primogeniture was not the vehicle of wealth, then a lucrative appointment to become a parasitic bureaucrat or cleric in Ireland or Scotland was always available, thus making sure that in England and Europe, the OC was open only to one lineage. This was all by Divine Right of course, which is to say, if it happens, God wills it, and off with the head of anyone who questions it. There were of course, those vicious quarrels within the royal family as to who exactly should rule, but then since these often deadly disputes happened, they obviously comported EXACTLY to God’s will.

When it came to the New World, early settlers attempted to work out treaties with compensation for Native Americans allowing settlement. eg. the Wampanoags who made contracts with the Plymouth Rock settlers, only to be wiped out by a rival American Indian tribe soon afterwards. Likewise, the large agreements with the Six Tribes for land along the Alleghenies and in the Shenandoah Valley were an attempt at compensation. The Kings George II and III paid little attention to such matters, simply claiming all of America and then dishing out the best lands to pay off their creditors.

Before long, however, it was only too evident that whites were determined to retaliate for what were largely depredations by rogue braves, showing off. (By the way, scalping was an art taught to the Cherokees by a white man). There was also the incident of some cowardly whites who murdered the wife of Shawnee Chief Logan (who had been kind to the whites), resulting in terrible revenge. This was all God’s will of course, because IT HAPPENED! Before long, it was Manifest Destiny to claim the New World. As is well known, any hostility led to infractions on treaties, which are not the most honored of documents.

We are not here to argue Manifest Destiny, but to shut down the idea that whatever happens is God’s will. This argument would make the enslavement of Israel for four hundred years the will of God, not to mention making syphilis, the plague, malaria, leprosy etc. his choice. It would make all famines, diseases, conflicts, and actually EVERYTHING the direct expression of the will of God. We have already refuted this idea in “Sinking in Einstein’s Ship”, so we go no further.

We here address only the idea that Central Pain, like the rule of Kingly lineages, is God’s will and therefore not to be questioned or tampered with. You have surely heard this nonsense by now. God wanted to teach you something. This translated means, “We have no intention of doing the slightest thing to research central pain, because it is obviously God’s will, so why are you talking about it.” Our proposition is that just as it was God’s will that man be free from the despot’s grasp, it is God’s will that man be free from the clutches of unending, unbearable pain.

We hope you will not take sitting down the stupid and Medieval idea that man is a pawn and God wishes no actions in man’s behalf. When someone tells you God wanted to teach you something, you should ask what revelation that idea is footed on and if it is not the same notion as rule of Kings by Divine Right. Hopefully, you will offend them sufficiently that they will at least leave you alone. It will put you on the offensive rather than in a defensive posture. It will also shake them from their mindless, reflexive, and false characterization of God. Can there be any better thing than to remind people of the truth? Simply say it with a smile on your face, repeating it if necessary, and if absolutely necessary, say “I forgive you for making the statement, however”. Any offense will give way eventually to grudging admission that they have no idea what they are talking about. This is HUGE progress where the public’s ideas about pain are concerned.

You may also wish to print out some article from this website and hand it to them. There is a good chance they will leave you alone entirely after that, which is something, at least.

The Native Americans were weak because they fought among themselves. As pain patients, let us unite to support one another, no matter what the pain entity.