The Ultimate Storm: Sinking in Einstein's Ship

Free agency is what makes us real individuals rather than robots. Being human is footed on it. It is just so hard to get through our heads that free agency is the biggest thing going.

If we could only see the value of free agency, then central pain, dysesthesia, cold allodynia, hyperpathia, and hyperalgesia would be bearable philosophically, although not necessarily bearable physically.

Why is there central pain? Because free agency demands chance. We hoped we had put this to rest, but apparently not. The mental struggle to make sense of central pain is admittedly out of reach, but the necessity for free agency is a fact of existence, ie real vs. virtual existence. We have tackled the problem before, but realize we would not still be getting the questions if we had done so convincingly.

It is important to get this through our heads, because we need the prop of a philosophical reason of why pain is allowed to exist. We have heard, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. However, if the spirit can find the will, the body will usually find a way to survive as well. When the spirit loses heart, the human is in real danger. Severe unending pain can be a killer, and so we must bolster our powers of endurance by understanding why we are in this fix and how we can expect to be delivered from it. (by hard work from scientists). Ironically, we here use theology to DE-theologize central pain, and place it in the category of any other illness.

First of all, it is well to remember that great minds have frequently been unable to compass the proposition of random chance (chaos) in man