Three Cheers for George Allen

Philanthropy is getting more intelligent, thanks to one of the Microsoft founders, George Allen.

Neuroscientists are ecstatic about news that George Allen has provided 40 million dollars to study and trace the activity of the 20,000 genes responsible for brain activity in the mouse.

No one has seen a donation to neuroscience anywhere near this amount. The PainOnline editorial staff pay special tribute to Mr. Allen for this generous act, which will benefit countless individuals down the line. It will help understand how and why genetic sequences act as they do and also indicate developmental pathways and their links within the brain.

Special thanks to Mr. Allen. This is an enlightened gift and probably more important to mankind than even George Allen realizes.

Pain pathways have received a reasonably good examination by embryologists, who badly need this information to understand the differentiation of neurons into sensory neurons, and then pain neurons. Ion channels appear, disappear, and reappear on sequence during embryonic and fetal life. Theoretically, understanding gene activity may permit stem cell type manipulations to permit regrowth of injured neurons. What could be more important to understand than the nervous system. Wow.