Another Home Remedy for Pain

Hypericum reflexum L. fil. is a plant found in the Canary Islands. H. Reflexum is related to Hypericum canariense, H. glandulosum, and H. grandifolium (Hypericaceae) which are Mycorrhizae plants from the Canaries.

It has already been noted in Phytotherapy Research
Volume 16, Issue 8 , Pages 740 – 744 28 Nov 2002 that Hypericum canariense, H. glandulosum, H. reflexum and H. grandifolium (Hypericaceae) act as antidepressants without interfering with motor activity or cholinergic pathways. Only H. reflexum increases pentobarbital induced sleep time.

These Canary Island plants are related to St. John’s wort (hypericum perforatum). Many of the hypericum species are pharmacologically active, but they vary from plant to plant.

Sanchez-Mateo etal in J Ethnopharmacol. 2006 Mar 18 now report that all extracts of the aerial part of the blossom of Hypericum reflexum L. fil. inhibit pain. The pain model was rats injected with acetic acid and other common pain inducing agents. Writhing was considered to be a positive test, and inhibition of writhing was noted to be particularly likely with the methanol extract of Hypericum reflexum L. fil.