If I had Central Pain

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

If I had central pain:

1) I would first of all not be likely to have it because I would realize that it is all in my head and I would not be so mentally weak as to allow myself to develop such a bad attitude, even if I suffered a spinal cord injury, stroke, or MS.
2) I would not pay attention to the pain. I would think about something else.
3) Even if I had suffered motor loss, I would realize I was LUCKY. I could be COMPLETELY paralyzed, which is without question worse than endless, unbearable burning pain.
4) I would just go to a doctor and get rid of the pain and quit whining about it.
5) I would stop acting like there were things I just couldn’t do because of the pain. I would try harder and reach my full potential.
6) I would continue to wear full clothing, including shoes, and not embarass or confuse the public by wearing abbreviated clothing, just because I had severe dysesthetic burning from touch.
7) I would stop blaming my loss of working memory on central pain and accept that I was just growing older.
8) I would never allow myself to be permanently on drugs, no matter how much pain I had. Drugs are not good for you.
9) I would not allow myself to become depressed because there are LOTS of people who have it a lot worse than I do. People far away in primitive countries, for example.
10) I would not complain that movement hurts my muscles, I would just keep on doing the same things and ignore the pain. No pain, no gain. I would never say “please don’t ask me to do that”, nor would I expect others to curtail their demands, nor would I limit my expectations of myself.
11) I would not complain about the pain of my bladder filling, about rectal distention, nor of nausea from bloating in the gut. These things do not really affect your life.
12) I would be productive as an individual. Pain in and of itself is not a handicap. Only paralysis is a handicap. You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.
13) I would go online and buy one of the MANY books written on how you can cure pain yourself, by mind power, herbs, or other home remedies.
14) I would not let my lack of sensation nor my burning skin impair my sex life, my ability to sleep, nor my deep spirituality.
15) I would not dwell on the pain by going to websites which discuss it.
16) I would not be weak and weird like other people with central pain. I am not that kind of person. I am strong. I would fend off any pain by a positive mental outlook.
17) I would read the book of Job and realize that pain was a special gift from God because there were things I needed to learn, and then I would list all the beneficial aspects of the pain to my life.
18) I would spend my time performing service for people with more serious maladies. I would be full of energy and not allow my sleep loss from inability to endure the touch of sheets to cut back on my response to the wishes of others. I would continue to fulfill their expectations and especially to emulate SCI athletes who show clearly that everything is possible to those who try.
19) I would be fun and happy despite the pain. Most likely I would write an inspirational book or at the very least refrain from writing anything that suggested I was falling apart. The less the public knows about pain and the less they have to listen to it, the better. I would certainly not expect anyone to make any accomodations to my pain.
20) I would not be fatigued by the constant pain.
21) No matter how intense the pain, I would never introduce it into a conversation with others, because pain is a boring topic. I would always be interested in what they had to say, no matter how trivial compared to the struggle I was enduring. I would be politically correct about my pain, which is to say I would not mention it, ever.
22) I would realize that if you can’t see pain, it must not exist. It is not necessary for me to read literature on this topic by pain scientists who study levels of pain chemicals in the synapses of the nervous system. My own knowledge about pain through the school of hard knocks is sufficient to allow me to give advice to anyone claiming to have central pain, although I had never heard of it until someone mentioned it and don’t really know what it is. Okay, I have no idea what it is, but hey, how much pain could someone with a severed cord have anyway.
23) Basically, I would be different from others I have encountered who claim to have central pain. I would not become what they have become, nor would central pain impact or change my behavior as it has changed theirs. I would be different, successful, and strong. Pain would not break me and it would certainly not deteriorate my personality. I was born a “can do” person who shunned medication and I will die that way, no matter what.

These are all the things I am sure I would do if I had Central Pain. It is self evident. I am very sure of what I say, although I do not actually have central pain. I have stepped on nails, gone to the dentist, and even shut four fingers in a car door–now THERE is pain!!

I should not be expected to know more than this about central pain because I have never heard of it before, but I think those who have it should keep it to themselves and not complain.