Freedom of Choice and Survival

What is damnation? Possibly, it is loss of choice, and the subsequent imposition of something unrelated to our choice. Some of us bear some responsibility for acquiring Central Pain. Perhaps we drove when intoxicated, leading to an accident, or perhaps someone else did. But the Central Pain is not a choice. It is an infringer on choice. One of our resident authors has come up with the “Reverse Pinocchio” theory. We absolutely guarantee you can only read about this here.

This is an era of taking bits and pieces from old documents and claiming to possess valuable knowledge, even if it is only speculation. Hey, authors have to get the reader’s curiosity to sell books. If it isn’t sex, then history sometimes can get the job done even better, even religious history. In this case we irresponsibly go so far back in history as to predate earth life. Someone will probably copy us with a best seller. That’s okay as long as central pain gets honorable mention in the hall of horrors, right behind hell where it perhaps should go.

We thought it might be a diversion to follow our own version of the Da Vinci Code, to pursue some clues and decide whether and to what degree those with Central Pain are damned; and, like Dan Brown, to decide how much the flesh is part of eternity. The “illuminati” here will be the devices of speculation and presumption, based on scripture. In other words, like many of the religious movements of history, except this is not religious. Wild guessing may be of some use in considering the impact of loss of choice. Try to see this in a scientific light. Your religion is up to you. We only want your attention as it pertains to central pain.

Baudelaire made his famous statement that Satan’s “cleverest wile was to convince us that he does not exist”. Well, we for one, do not intend to be taken off guard. After all, we burn like he already has us, so we particularly wish to be rid of him, ASAP. Whereas in the Dark Ages and right up to the Salem witch trials, the devil was everywhere, now he seems to be nowhere. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is bad. Wait a minute! What about Central Pain? When the public ignores CP, doesn’t someone evil have to be whispering to them? I think so!

Again, we emphasize, this article sounds like a religious one, but actually it is not. Look at it as a secular venture among an area normally encompassed by religion. We are not opposed to religion, far from it since we are hoping God helps the pain scientists. It is just that we are not qualified, and this is not a religious site, rather it is a scientific site, of sorts, some of the time. The rest of the time it is humanistic, and we are very comfortable with that.

At the outset, we admit we don