Is Central Pain God's Will?.

Not ones to shrink from controversy, we take on all the Job’s Comforters and the illogical platitudes of the fatalists here. We express a strong belief that God is merciful. We passionately reject the idea that there is anything specifically wrong with people who acquire Central Pain, beyond their Central Pain.

For some reason, people tend to talk nonsense about pain. If a loved one dies in their sleep, we may hear someone say, “At least he didn’t suffer.” The same person on hearing of our suffering, may declare it the personification of God’s will and chance for learning. However, once again, when it is time for the root canal, we are back to the blessedness of pain avoidance. Pain commentary does not have to be logical, it would appear. The question becomes whether the listener is capable of embracing an enlightened viewpoint about pain which is not the product of their social environment. Are people listening to themselves when they speak?

No one would dare express the idea that it is wrong for people undergoing surgery to have anesthesia. Yet, these same people feel free to suggest that Central Pain subjects are receiving such benefits from the pain that there should be rejoicing and gratitude. This kind of judgment is among the worst. No one should judge another. Cord injury happens. That does not make it, or its consequences, God’s will. If pain avoidance is not only righteous but a duty for those having surgery, to preserve the body, and the mind that supplies it why would it be God’s will for us to continually suffer from Central Pain, when we all know that this condition is about subtracting our identity from us, rather than preserving the sensitive human nature. Thomas Jefferson said that those who worship a malignant God are as atheistic as those who worship none. It is time to stop plastering Divinity with demonic attributes. Augustine said, “Physical pain is the greatest evil.” If it is not, it is close enough.

We begin here from the point of the believer. This is not because we wish to impose a theological view on anyone. Certainly not any particular view since that is a matter of individual conscience. We do so because it is important not to talk out of context. The atheist simply has nothing to offer to the terrible questions of life. Namely, Is this all there is, and what is the purpose of life.

If beings are nothing more than the random fluctuations of molecules, nothing matters at all. The atheists cannot answer such questions because molecules have no business and no benefit to discussing purpose, if purpose is not possible.

Furthermore, we do not really discuss these matters from the view of a religionist at all. It is rather the reasoning method of the philosopher. The proposition is this. Is Central Pain God