The Mediocre Samaritan

Good Samaritans DO something. Mediocre Samaritans give advice and make helpful comments.

Here is the wit and wisdom from mediocre samaritans which you have met:

1) “Just be glad you’re alive” (MOOO. With this bovine placidity, mankjnd would still be having surgery without anesthesia. And just for fun, define “alive” as it pertains to the nervous system.)

2) It’s God’s will that you have central pain. (God has spoken to you lately about this, has He? You wouldn’t want to be presumptious.)

3) You needed to learn something (Like how the VR-1 channel feels when it is malfunctioning? I’d rather read about it in a book)

4) You’re lucky, you could be paralyzed. Oh wait, you are paralyzed. (Nice try, but central pain is worse than paralysis.)

5) Just think about something else (What else is there beside relief from severe pain?)

6.) If you are in pain, just buy some of my magnets, health food, or vitamins. (None of which have any benefit to CP. Do I have to buy yours or would someone else’s do?).

7.) What is wrong with your faith? (If I had no faith, I would not be alive).

8.) Don’t suffer, see a doctor. (Yes, that white coat certainly confers omniscience, except for the common cold of course).

9.) But you look okay. (How does my VR-1 channel look to you?)

10.) People in Africa are starving. (Your saying that makes them feel better, just as I feel better from your comments about pain).