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Maybe using sign language can describe Central Pain

The tremendous language gap continues to be a problem in central pain. Even using sign language, which we think happens in some cases of suicide (see prior article), does little to bridge the information gap. Rather, it seems to convince scientists that CP subjects are not “quite right” and their pain largely imagined. We still have only the little CP rats, chewing off their limbs, to evidence that Central Pain is unspeakably cruel; and who pays attention to rats? Hence, matters remain literally “unspeakable”, and the evil continues.

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The Muscle Problem in Central Pain

Although perhaps the least spoken of, the muscle problem is certainly not a minor factor in the Central Pains. You will find yourself in the paragraphs of this article depending on the degree to which you possess garden variety spasticity, as well as “CP spasticity”, the latter including some false sensations, as described below.

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