Hijacking the Pain System, A Virtual Virus, by Kenneth McHenry

Here is an attempt to use an analogy to make the words, “central pain”, more understandable. After all, there is no valid vocabulary where there is no shared human experience to give meaning to the words. Computers have something analogous to CP.

Central Pain is “Copy and Paste” gone mad in the genes of the pain neurons. Cancer is when cells don’t know to stop from dividing. Central Pain is when the genes don’t know to stop making pain proteins. The pain proteins are assembled and spewed out in what becomes a huge war effort to warn the body, even if no injury, nor even any external stimulus, is occurring. The homepage of our consciousness has been hijacked by a “virus”. The pain message is always displayed on the “screen” of the awareness. This virus is not just in the registry of our thalamus, it is embedded down in the pain nerves where a “soup” of pain chemicals and abnormal ion channels is always brewing. Translated: Severe CP is very painful, in fact, it is the most severe pain state known to mankind.

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What's Hot and What's Not in the Current Literature

Neurochemistry is up and behaviorism is down, way down.

Hey, teacher, leave these CP kids alone!!! In other words, start reading biochemistry and stop thinking you can avoid approaching pain at the molecular level. Chemists examine molecular pain events every day. Alteration in chemical pathways in nerve injury pain are reproducible in animals, predictable, measurable, consistent, and known to every serious investigator.

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