Dysesthesia is not bizarre, it is just ACIDIC

We are happy to comment on resiniferatoxin and fatty acids. Very early on, Painonline editors concluded the central pains might not actually be bizarre. EVERY person surveyed has been able to accept, “like acid” as a description of burning dysesthesia. This, as well as the location of the burning, “just deep to the skin” is almost a universal. It is not necessary or desirable to improve on what CP sufferers themselves are comfortable with.

When acid leukotrienes were discovered in the thalamus of CP animals, we concluded the nerves were actually feeling acid. Now we encounter yet another study indicating we were right.

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Neuropathic touch not the same as thermal allodynia ?

This article informs us how membrane activity relates to the VR-1 rceptor. One offshoot of this research is the realization that blocking of mechanically induced pain does not necessarily block thermal hyperalgesic pain. This would explain the fact that thermal pain and touch pain are not necessarily linked in the responses to surveys in the wall/McHenry databsee.

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Is God Fair?

Pretty blasphemous stuff, right? But then, any person with severe CP may at some point have to contend with blasphemy. Hey, even Jonah got mad and tried to tell God what was fair. We try here to guess how to avoid getting swallowed up by the whale of our anger.

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